A Complete Guide to the Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers Limited IPO

A prominent jeweler with a significant presence in India's western and central areas is Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers Limited (Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers). Through an initial public offering (IPO) on the BSE and NSE stock markets, the business hopes to raise 270.20 crores. The initial public offering's (IPO) subscription period will starts from September 22, 2023, and it will close on September 26, 2023.



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The IPO will consist of an offer for sale (OFS) of 28,00,000 shares totaling 60.20 crores and a new issuance of 97,67,442 shares totaling 210.00 crores. The IPO's price range has been established at 204 to 215 rupees per share. 69 shares constitute the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

The firm intends to utilize the money raised from the new issuance to fund the construction of eight additional showrooms as well as other basic business needs.

Information about Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers

A prominent jeweler with a significant presence in India's western and central areas is Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers. The firm presently has 37 locations throughout 10 different Indian states, and the jewelry store has been open at this site for more than 20 years.

Customers may pick from gold, silver, diamond, and other precious stone jewelry. Customers may buy more jewelry in several styles.

This is done to meet as many different sorts of customers' requirements as is practical on as many different times as is practical during the course of the year. These kinds of occasions include marriages, festivals, holidays like Akshaya Tritiya, and other celebrations.

The IPO of Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers: Why Should You Invest?

You might think about investing in the Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers IPO for a variety of reasons, including:

Strong track record: The business has a proven history of success and expansion. From 1,000 crores in FY19 to 1,500 crores in FY23, it saw a good rise in revenue. Additionally, it increased from a net profit of 100 crores in FY19 to 150 crores in FY23.

Large and expanding addressable market: Over the next five years, the jewelry industry in India, which is already among the biggest in the world, is predicted to expand at a 10% CAGR.

Management team with expertise: The business has a management team with experience who has a track record in the jewelry sector.

Huge Success of the corporation may be attributed to its potent brand, extensive product line, and efficient distribution system. The company gains many competitive advantages because to these advantages.


Investors wishing to participate in a developing business with a proven track record and an accomplished management team would find the Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers IPO to be a compelling investment option. According to predictions, India's jewelry market will expand swiftly and provide a wide range of new business prospects owing to the increasing demand for the product there.

Significant Dates

IPO subscriptions begin on September 22, 2023.

IPO subscriptions end on September 26, 2023.

Based on: Predicted to be completed on October 3, 2023

Refunds: Beginning on October 4, 2023 is anticipated.

Crediting equity shares to demat accounts: on October 5, 2023, is anticipated

Expected date of listing: October 6, 2023

Risk Elements

The following are some of the risk considerations connected to the Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers IPO:

Price variations for gold: Because gold prices are prone to change, this might have an effect on the business's earnings.

Competitors from other jewelry retailers: There are several well-established competitors in India's extremely competitive jewelry sector.

Economic slowdown: The demand for jewelry and the performance of the firm might both be affected by a downturn in the Indian economy.


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