JSW Infrastructure Limited IPO Blog: All the Information You Need

JSW Infrastructure Limited (JSW Infra), a part of the Sajjan Jindal-led JSW Group, is one of India's largest port operators. The business has scheduled September 25, 2023 as the date for its first public offering (IPO), with a target fundraising amount of Rs 2,800 crore.



9/18/20232 min read

There will be no offer for sale component to the IPO; all shares will be issued for the first time.

Key information about the JSW Infra IPO

Size of the Issue: Rs. 2,800 crore

Offer type: New share issuance

Price range: Rs. 113 to Rs. 119 per share. Number of shares in the lot: 126.

Dates of the bid: September 25–27, 2023

Dates for listing: tentatively October 6, 2023

Regarding JSW Infra

In terms of cargo handling capacity, JSW Infra is the second-largest commercial port operator in India. With a total installed cargo handling capacity of 158.43 million tonnes per year (MTPA), it holds nine port concessions in India. Containers, dry bulk, broken bulk, liquid bulk, and gaseous bulk are just a few of the many various kinds of commodities that the organization deals with.

JSW Infra has a proven history of expansion. Its freight volumes have climbed at a CAGR of 40% during the previous three years. The corporation benefits from both the rising volume of international commerce flowing through Indian ports and the rising GDP of the nation.The first of these two tendencies offers the firm the most potential for profit.

Why ought you to put money into the JSW Infra IPO?

You should think about making an investment in the JSW Infra IPO for the following reasons:

Strong market position: JSW Infra has a history of steady expansion and is the second-largest commercial port operator in India.

Economic growth beneficiary: The business is in a good position to gain from the robust economic expansion of India and the rising amount of international commerce passing through Indian ports.

Experienced management team: A team with a track record of success manages the business.

Attractive pricing: Given the substantial development potential of the firm, a fair price for the initial public offering (IPO) is selected.

Risks to think about

The JSW Infra IPO has certain risks, just like any other investment. Here are some important hazards to think about:

Economic slowdown: The company's cargo volumes and profitability may be affected if the Indian economy weakens.

The port industry in India is quite competitive. Other significant port operators, such as Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone and DP World, provide fierce competition for JSW Infra.

Regulatory risks: The government regulates the port industry. The operations of the corporation may be impacted if the government decides to change the present policies.

If potential investors want to back a respected company with a successful track record in a sector that is seeing rapid expansion, they shouldn't pass up the chance to invest in JSW Infra during its initial public offering (IPO). Soon, JSW Infra will issue shares for the first time to the general public. Before choosing, however, investors should carefully consider the risks.

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