The cash market's FII and DII information as of September 8, 2023 is as follows: FII: Net sale of Rs. 224.22 crore 1,150.15 crores (net purchase) from DII



9/9/20232 min read

According to FII statistics, foreign institutional investors sold Indian shares worth Rs. 224.22 crore on that particular day.

According to DII statistics, domestic institutional investors bought Indian shares worth Rs. 1,150.15 crore on that particular day.

The US's increasing interest rates are the primary cause of the FIIs' selling. In an attempt to fight inflation, the US Federal Reserve is anticipated to increase interest rates many times this year. Foreign investors may find Indian equities to be less appealing as a result.

Although the selling by FIIs is concerning, the purchase by DIIs is encouraging. Since DIIs traditionally have a bullisher outlook on the Indian market than FIIs, their purchases may help to counteract FIIs' selling.

The FII and DII readings on September 8 are mixed overall. Although the selling by FIIs is concerning, the purchase by DIIs is encouraging. The Indian stock market's long-term prognosis is still favorable, despite the likelihood that the market will remain turbulent in the next weeks.

The following are some variables that may have an impact on FII and DII flows in the next weeks:

The strength of the US currency: Foreign investors may find Indian equities less alluring if the US dollar gains strength.

US Federal Reserve interest rate increases: If the US Federal Reserve increases interest rates more quickly than anticipated, it might trigger more selling by FIIs.

The health of the Indian economy will determine whether or not the Indian stock market is supported if it grows at a healthy rate.

Future state election results: The results of the future state elections may have an impact on FII and DII flows.

Investors should keep a close eye on these variables and modify their investing plans as necessary.

In addition to the aforementioned, the following considerations should be made while examining the FII and DII data:

Data is only available for the cash market. The information for the futures and options market is not included.

The information only covers one day. To better comprehend the patterns, it is crucial to look at the data over a longer time frame.

When making financial selections, the data is merely one aspect to take into account. Other factors including the Indian economy and worldwide financial markets must be considered.

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